Arrival and Check-In

Prior to arrival, The Student Life and Development office works with students to organize transportation accommodations on the arrival and check in day. 

  • Arrival in Florence (60 EUR, reservation requiredIf you are landing in Florence Peretola Airport between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM on the designated arrival day, you may request airport pickup within the deadline stated in the Pre-departure email. The request must be made in the appropriate document provided. Student Life staff will confirm your request via email. If your pick-up is confirmed, staff will welcome you at the airport arrival terminal. After you have retrieved your luggage, you will receive your apartment keys and contract and wil be transferred with our staff in a private van directly to your assigned lodging. The service is payable in cash upon arrival (60 EUR). 
  • Arrival in Rome Fiumicino Airport (Cultural Introcution to Italy CITI, Reservation required) If you are participating in the CITI program and arriving in Rome between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on the designated arrival day, you will be greeted by our staff at Terminal 3 arrivals hall. Staff will assist you in purchasing a ticket for the Leonardo Express, the train that will take students to the Rome Termini Train Station. The group will then make their way together to the designated accommodation. 

 The service is payable in cash upon arrival (60 EUR). 

Cultural Introcution to Italy CITI  (Arrival in Rome Fiumicino Airport) Reservation required. If you are participating in the CITI program and arriving in Rome between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on the designated arrival day, you will be greeted by our staff at Terminal 3 arrivals hall. Staff will assist you in purchasing a ticket for the Leonardo Express, the train that will take students to the Rome Termini Train Station. The group will then make their way together to the designated accommodation. 

Please note that pickup cannot be organized on arrival day. 

  • Independent arrival (no airport pick-up)

Our staff will be at the airport to welcome students but you will make your way independently to the check-in office at Corso Tintori 21 to sign in and receive your apartment keys. You may then make your way, independently, to your accommodation. The check-in office is open from 9:00am to 7:00pm on the desginated arrival day. 

How to get from Florence airport to Corso Tintori 21 

The easiest way to reach the check-in office is to take a taxi from the airport. As you exit arrivals, step outside the terminal, then turn to your right and walk to the end of the terminal and around the corner of the building. At the corner you will see a taxi sign where you can wait for the next available vehicle.

Taxis will accept credit cards but we recommend asking before getting into the car. ATMs are located inside the arrival terminal if you wish to withdrawal cash.  

Alternatively, you can take the Tram from the airport to the Santa Maria Novella Train Station. You can purchase tram tickets from ticket machines found on the platform. 

Don’t forget to validate your tickets in the appropriate machines located on the tram!

How to get from the Florence central train station to Corso Tintori 21 

From the train station you can take a taxi to Corso Tintori 21.

ATMs can be found inside the train station, in the lowerlevel. If you wish to arrive on foot, Corso Tintori 21 is about a 25 minutes walk from the train station.

Early or Late Arrivals 

  • Housing check-in is not available before 9:00 AM or after 7:00 PM on the arrival date.
  • Students who choose to arrive in Florence prior to the designated arrival date or after 7:00pm on the designated arrival date, are required to secure their own accommodations. 
  • Check in at Corso Tintori 21will open at 9:00 AM. Should you arrive prior to opening time, please wait for the facility to open. 
  • Students arriving after check-in time should attend their orientation according to the Orientation Schedule, after which they will be able to check-in at Corso Tintori 21.
  • After-hours airport pick-up from the Florence airport, with a private driver, can be arranged in advance at an extra charge according to availability. The driver will have your name written on an ipad or paper and will be waiting at the arrivals hall.

The driver will wait for up to an hour after the flight has landed.

They will hand you your apartment keys and housing information and drive you to your apartment but they will not show you in and staff will not be present to show you around. In case of missed/delayed flight the student will be responsible for their own arrangements and accommodation. 

All FUA-AUF facilities have a controlled access point. Please make sure you have your FUA-AUF ID card with you at all times while on campus. 

All students may use the Internet points, Media Lab terminals are not Internet access points. 

To log on to campus computers, you will be asked for a username and password. When you first log in, use your Student ID number (without the trailing zeros), found on the left side of your FUA-AUF student ID card, as both your username and password. You will be asked to change your password with after your first log in to guarantee privacy. 

Students can print personal documents at the computers provided on the first floor of Via Ricasoli 21 for 10 cents per page. All prints will be available at the front desk.

Students can access desktop computers on campus by using their student portal login credentials. Wifi is accessible in all campus facilities. Our campus facilities also offer a free wireless connection to students. Three WIFI vouchers are included in the orientation packet to access the campus WIFI on two separate devices, such as a computer and a smartphone. Each voucher can only be used for a single device. If you have additional devices that require wireless access, extra vouchers can be requested from the Front Desk of our buildings.

For technical assistance or questions email ICT at

A scanner is available in the library for students to scan materials and send by email or save flash drive. Fax services are available to students through the front desk in any of our facilities. Costs for fax services are as follows: Italy, 1€ a page; within Europe, 3€ a page; all other countries 5€ a page. Photocopying is not available on campus. If you need to make photocopies or color copies, please refer to copy services on page 19. 

Students are advised to have any mail sent to the Corso Tintori 21 office as there is always someone to accept it and most apartments do not include mailbox keys. Please have any packages and letters sent to:

Your Name
Corso Tintori, 21
50122 Firenze

Once your mail has been received in Corso Tintori 21 we will send you an email letting you know that you can pick up your package. You may come and pick 

*Note, we will not send you any notifications if you recieve letters. Be sure to stop by frequently and check our letter box for any possible postcards from home!

Customs regulations are becoming increasingly more strict and you may be required to pay a fee to receive a package. Please note that the university had no jurisdiction over what may or may not be accepted into the country. As a rule, very costly items and electronics will incur very costly customs fees. Medication, food items and some toiletries are not items that should be shipped into Italy. We strongly recommend that  you bring enough medication with you to meet your needs while abroad. Packages with medication will likely get blocked at customs and require import documentation and a fee for release. Usually the same medications can be prescribed and purchased in Italy directly. Please also note that certain prescription drugs, such as Adderall, are illegal in Italy and will not be allowed through customs. For further information on customs regulations, please refer to the official customs website.

If there is a customs fee to pay, the front desk will not pay these fees upfront, but will facilitate the transaction for the student, according to the procedure of the courier. Oftentimes, the express courier will make arrangements for a second drop off; in this case, you will receive an email from the FUA-AUF front desk with the new delivery date and the custom fee to be paid. You will be responsible to bring the customs fees in cash to the front desk before the new delivery date,, your package will not be accepted. Please also note that packages that arrive in Italy through government postal services, such as USPS, are delivered in Italy through the Poste Italiane, and this service does not foresee a second delivery date in the case of customs fees. Therefore, packages must be retrieved directly by the student from the postal deposit. In this case, you will also receive an email from the FUA-AUF front desk to inform you that your package has arrived and instructions on where to pay the fees to retrieve your package.

Lockers are available to students on a first-come first-serve basis. There is no charge for locker rental, however, a 10 euro key deposit is required, to be returned at the end of the semester. Lockers are available in Via Ricasoli 21; please ask at the front desk for further information.

Palestra is our campus gym. The gym provides students access to weights, treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical machines, and showers Monday through Friday. Access to the gym is free, and it is required that you sign in and out of the gym in the SLD office. You can find La Palestra in Corso Tintori 21. Gym hours can be found here on our website. 

According to the program enrollment, students may purchase food and services at the school’s different CEMI (Cultural Engagement Member Institutions) locations. CEMI are cultural entities not only created for but also managed and run by students, a project that promotes the institution’s mission of cultural integration, experiential learning, and community engagement within the city of  Florence and Italy. 

Students may use their units at Ganzo, Fedora, or Sorgiva during operating hours. You only need your student ID card to use your meal plan, which can be found digitally on the student platform under the “my profile” section. Meal units will automatically be deducted from your account when the barcode is scanned at checkout. Afterward, you will receive an email with the number of units you have used. Each unit is worth 3 euros and 50 cents, more units can be purchased at the front desk in Via Ricasoli 21 or at the SLD office at Corso Tintori 21.

The library is available to all students, faculty, and staff for study, assignments and research. The library at FUA-AUF is a reference library and any of the books can be borrowed with no time limits, to be used exclusively within the reading room. A document scanner is also available in the library to reproduce text extracts for later referral. You may copy to

documents electronically to your email account as a PDF file at no cost, though we ask you to be mindful of fair use copyright laws. The applicable rules can be found in the library. Students are welcome to consult the online library catalogue for information on available texts. The link to the library catalogue can be found on MyFUA. 

Please note the following rules for the library: 

Students must scan their ID card upon entering the library and leave their ID at the librarian’s desk. No handbags, backpacks, or bags are allowed in the library. Lockers are available to check items while in the library – please ask the librarian. 

All books must be checked in and out by the librarian. Therefore, all library patrons are to request books directly from the librarian and are asked to not remove the books from the stacks on their own. Books are to be returned to the librarian before leaving the library. Food or drinks are not allowed in the library. For assistance in finding books or questions about library procedures, please consult the librarian or contact 

All enrolled students are welcome to make an appointment with the Writing Center at any stage in the writing process. A student life advisor will be there to help brainstorm ideas, construct a thesis statement, or proofread a draft for clarity and grammar. 

To set up appointment please email

Meeting with Career Center advisor is available upon appointment to discuss career goals, internship options, as well as go over your resume.  To set up an appointment please email

Community Engagement Member Institutions are non-profit entities that support our mission to cultivate cultural immersion. Each CEMI is strongly linked to an academic division. CEMI initiatives and projects are open to the public and involve students in experiential learning, with results shared with the local Florentine community. Here’s a list of the CEMI that students can access:

Palazzi is a non-profit foundation that manages the projects and activities of the Community Engagement Member Institutions (CEMI) affiliated with Florence University of the Arts – The American University of Florence, entities that support our commitment to cultural immersion. Learn more at Palazzi Community Center website.