Chianti Olive Oil


Chianti Olive Oil, Tuscany: Saturday, July 8

Olive oil production in Tuscany is dated back to Roman times and still represents an essential pillar of the Mediterranean diet. A perfect climate, fertile lands, and skilled hands make the Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) a famous staple of Italian cuisine and taste. Visiting a Tuscan frantoio (olive oil mill) will allow students to gain in-depth knowledge of the production and culture of olive oil in Tuscany. A guided tasting of different kinds of olive oil will allow students to learn the techniques of oil tasting, but also to understand the differences between different varieties of olives and between a high quality extra- virgin olive oil and an industrial one.


Early departure from Florence to the farm. Guided tour of the premises and tasting of local products. Time to work on FL assignment, lunch and tasting of local products, and free time. Return to Florence in the late afternoon.

The activity includes:

  • Round-trip transportation
  • Guided visit of the farm’s premises
  • Lunch and tasting of local products
  • Field learning staff on-site
  • Insurance

The activity does not include: 

  • Meals not listed above
  • Entrance fees or costs associated to sites/activities visited on own

Learning outcomes:

  • Ability to describe the production processes of extra-virgin olive oil, a staple of the Mediterranean diet
  • Understanding the health benefits of olive opposed to animal fats
  • Learning how to taste olive oil and recognize high quality extra-virgin olive oil
  • Ability to recognize the centuries-old traditions of Italian cuisine, and the connections between territory and culture
  • Understanding the protectionist policies governing local products in Italy and Europe (DOP and IGP)
  • Ability to assess the role of food and wine in Italian culture and lifestyle
  • Gaining a broader knowledge of food and products that are unique to the Italian territory, history, and culture
  • Increasing critical thinking, especially in relation to the role tourism plays in marketing the history, food, and culture of Italy
  • Developing team-building and collaborative skills
  • Increasing awareness of cultural similarities and differences



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