Pienza & Montalcino


Pienza & Montalcino, Tuscany, Saturday, October 28

This Field Learning activity will take you through some of the most charming corners of Tuscany, full of architecture, history, gastronomical traditions, and untouched nature. Montalcino is an ancient town in Southern Tuscany and an important agricultural center, famous for its Brunello wine. Over the centuries, the town has preserved many architectural jewels and artistic treasures alongside the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside. Pienza, considered by many as the “Ideal Renaissance town,” is the humanistic creation and vision of Pope Pius II. This place is also famous for the production of “pecorino” cheese, which is produced from sheep’s milk. Different aging processes give the cheese particular flavors and textures.


Morning departure from Florence to Pienza and Montalcino. Guided visits to both towns, a local winery, and tasting of local products. In Pienza there will be a tasting of Pecorino cheese. In Montalcino, there will be an opportunity to taste locally produced wines, including Brunello, and to assess the importance of the territory and its production through a visit to a local winery. Lunch in a local farm, time to work on FL assignment and free time. Return to Florence in the early evening.

The activity includes: 

  • Round-trip transportation
  • Entry fee and guided visits of selected sites
  • Lunch and tasting of local products
  • Field learning staff on-site
  • Insurance

The activity does not include: 

  • Meals not listed above
  • Entrance fees or costs associated to sites/activities visited on own

Learning outcomes:

  • Assess the achievements of Renaissance architecture outside Florence
  • Familiarize with the history of two minor towns in Italy
  • Trace the origins of many aspects of Western European culture and of modern Western society in general
  • Gain a broader knowledge of food culture and products that are unique to the Italian territory, history, and culture
  • Evaluate the “Renaissance” quality wine in Tuscany over the last decades

For availability and payment deadline, please contact EFL office at efl@fua.it